Colin Cowherd on James Harden, Kyrie Irving, NBA culture: “Maybe we should stop babying narcissistic behavior”

Kyrie Irving

Sports analyst Colin Cowherd shared his thoughts on the James Harden and Kyrie Irving situations as well as on the general NBA culture.

He pointed at the fact that virtually everyone in basketball world, from head coach Steve Nash to media, are walking on egg shells refrain from calling out Irving for his behavior.

Another example of a superstar doing what he wants while everyone around are “cuddling” him is James Harden. According to Cowherd, the Rockets brought in PJ Tucker, Chris Paul, Clint Capella to build a roster around him. But Harden didn’t want to play defense the team just went with it.

“The commissioner cuddles the stars, the general managers, the coaches cuddle the stars. NBA media is charmin soft. This is the basketball culture. So of course Kyrie thinks I can be a bad teammate and not show up,” Cowherd went on a rant.