Draymond Green Warriors
Photo: Zach Beeker/Getty Images

Draymond Green was critical of people that attempt to analyze basketball, but don’t know the game itself.

Green noted most people will never learn the game of basketball, because they first need to know they don’t understand the game.

“That would require people to know the game of basketball, and most people don’t. Wishful thinking. Most people will never learn the game of basketball.

They think they know, but yet don’t have a clue. So, it is what it is. I enjoy being one of the not-so-many people that actually know the game and being in that rare category of people who really know what’s going on in the game of basketball, as oppose to watching and thinking they can dissect because they realize who hit a shot.

In order to learn, you have to understand what you don’t know, and most people don’t understand that they don’t know sh*t, so they’re just f**ked … and that’s just what it would be.

It’s like a drug addict. The first step to rehab is admitting that you’re a drug addict … When you have all these internet sensations thinking they know the game of basketball — they would then have to admit that they don’t know the game of basketball, and they’re not going to do that,” Draymond Green said, via Anthony Slater of The Athletic.