Thomas Heurtel FC Barcelona
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

FC Barcelona Director, Albert Soler, opened up about the situation with the team’s point guard Thomas Heurtel.

Soler noted the club wants to solve this issue as quickly as possible.

The Director of FC Barcelona also made it clear the player will not return to the team, due to the fact that he was in talks with another Spanish team.

“When we were informed on the talks with another Spanish ACB team, we decided he will not return with the team. But he was not left helpless in Istanbul. The cost of the hotel and the plane ticket to return was covered by the team.

The approaching January 6 EuroLeague deadline forces a quick resolution. Thomas is no longer part of our team. We will facilitate his departure. If he signs with another Spanish team, Barca will not compensate him,” Soler said, via

Even though the players of FC Barcelona want Heurtel to remain with the team, it is a matter of time until the French guard parts ways with the team.

FC Barcelona has until January 6 (EuroLeague transfer deadline) to make a decision on the future of Heurtel with the team.