Montrezl Harrell Lakers
Photo: Lakers Daily

After a great season with the Los Angeles Clippers, and winning Sixth Man of the Year, Harrell decided to take his talents elsewhere and signed with his former team’s main rival, the Los Angeles Lakers. But the Clippers are still a big contender for the Championship this season and I’m sure the Clippers wanted him to stay around, right?

Well, Harrell said in an interview that the Clippers were clearly not interested in signing him if he’s now on the Lakers. But it seems very unusual that the Clippers would let one of their key players just walk like that. I certainly think that there was some recruiting going on.

With both teams being based in LA, and them both playing at the Staples Centre, it would be very easy for them to communicate with each other. But with the league having strict rules on tampering, players have to be careful with what they do, or they could face fines and/or suspensions. But even if he wasn’t recruited by anyone from the Laker’s organization, there is another reason why he signed with the Lakers.

Harrell may not have been confident that he could win a ring on the Clippers. With rumors that there is tension in the locker room, and team chemistry isn’t great, Harrell may have wanted to be in with an even better chance of winning a ring, as the Lakers have the edge over the Clippers at the moment. And from what I’ve seen, the Lakers look to have the best team chemistry of any team in the NBA. Although Harrell is ring chasing a bit, I really don’t blame him as winning a Championship is most NBA player’s main goal in their career.