Photo: Phoenix Suns Twitter

With the Suns missing the Playoffs this past season, it marked a 10 year Playoff drought for the them. Devin Booker has been with them the past 5 seasons and he’s a tremendous talent; one of the most underrated players in the league. However, his success in the league has been minimal, to say the least. But it could all change this season with the signing of Chris Paul.

Even though Chris Paul is 35 now, he’s still an elite point guard in the league. Last season, he led the Thunder to the 5th seed in the West, which for their roster, was very impressive. I envision him having a similar effect on the Suns this season and his leadership should have a great impact on the relatively young Suns team. As for Devin Booker, he should finally make the Playoffs this season and I think we’ll see his game elevate to a new level.

After his impressive run in the Bubble, and Phoenix going 8-0 at one point, Booker looked the best he ever has. He’s been gradually improving each season and has proven himself as one of the best Shooting Guards in the league, but he still has another level he can reach. With him only been 24, he has plenty of time left in his career and I think there could be a time we consider Booker the best Shooting Guard in the league.

With Chris Paul now on the Suns, they’ve got another offensive threat and someone who can take some of the scoring pressure off Booker. Booker will also be able to play off the ball a bit more, as Chris Paul can run the floor, so Booker should get a lot more catch and shoot opportunities. I’m also excited to see how Paul and DeAndre Ayton work in the pick and roll as Ayton certainly has the potential to be a great Centre in the league. He’s only had two years in the league so far but he’s very efficient from in and around the paint, and he’s not half bad on defense either.

So my prediction for the Suns this season is quite high if I’m honest, but I think they can pull it off. I predict they’ll finish 5th seed in the West, where Chris Paul finished last season with the Thunder. The Suns should almost have a Big 3 with Paul, Booker and Ayton and I expect Ayton to take some big steps in his game this year, just like Booker. Paul’s leadership should be a notable factor in this too and there is a lot that can be learned from Paul. Let’s just wait and see how good they really are.

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