Trae Young determined to make the Hawks a winning franchise again

Trae Young
Photo: Jason Miller/NBAE/Getty Images

Trae Young is determined to make the Atlanta Hawks a winning franchise again.

Young made it clear he wants to change the narrative that he and the Hawks can’t win.

“Obviously, it’s shown up to this point we haven’t won very many games, but my track record playing basketball, I’ve won my whole life.

I took a team in college from not-supposed-to-make a tournament to top five in the country, top four in the country at one point, and led us to the tournament. It’s more about, for me, how I can change that narrative that I can’t win.

For me, it was important because I love to win. I want to win. I know, obviously, you see we all want to win and we all want to win now. It was exciting to see that.

We got some guys who are winning before. We got some guys that can help us win now. It’ll be fun playing with this team,” Young said, via ESPN.

Young saw Atlanta bolster the roster after signing Bogdan Bogdanovic and Danilo Gallinari, as the team wants to return to the playoffs next season.