Jae Crowder says Devin Booker is the reason he joined the Suns

Photo: Ashley Landis - Pool/Getty Images

Jae Crowder decided to leave the Miami Heat and sign a three-year, $29.2M contract with the Phoenix Suns.

Crowder named Phoenix superstar Devin Booker as the reason he joined the Suns.

“Being a competitor and going against Devin Booker for so many years, a player like that in our league who is a top, top talent.

He’s a top talent in our league, and I just felt like as a player, he’s earned my respect on the court and he’s earned the league’s respect for the work he put in and I think it’s time for him to play some meaningful basketball.

“The way they finished the season last year, everyone took notice. Not only myself but the whole entire league took notice of how they came inside the bubble and handled business. And I noticed that and that attracted me to be here where I am today,” Crowder told Arizona Sports’ Burns & Gambo.

Phoenix also signed multiple time All-Star Chris Paul and is considered a serious playoff contender in the Western Conference.