James Harden Rockets
Photo: Twitter/NBA

Jay Williams made an interesting statement regarding the possibility of James Harden joining the Brooklyn Nets next season.

Per the NBA and ESPN analyst, ‘there is high probability’ the NBA superstar will sign with Brooklyn.

“There’s a high probability of that. I think there’s a high probability. Houston’s gonna have a really interesting situation. How long can you hold onto a disgruntled employee, who is a star, who is going to have a microphone in their face after?

James Harden is going to be open and critical about how he doesn’t wanna be there. When your star player is gonna be doing that, you as a franchise — if he starts doing that, teams are gonna be like, ‘Well, he doesn’t wanna be there.’

It’s going to make you lose the value in what you can get in return ’cause teams know that your star player doesn’t wanna be there. You can’t hold him hostage,” Williams said on Bart and Hahn, via the Nets Wire.

Harden has three years and $133M left on his current contract with the Houston Rockets.