Shaquille ONeal

Former NBA center Shaquille O’Neal has refused to take back the criticism he heaped on Lakers big man Dwight Howard in the wake of the NBA Finals. The Diesel, a former Laker himself, lashed out at Dwight for what he must have thought was excessive celebrating and asserted the former Orlando Magic star only deserved to post one photo then keep quiet after L.A’s win.

Shaq addressed his comments on the latest episode of his podcast, The Big Podcast with Shaq, this week and said he isn’t apologizing, adding he only voiced what many others wanted to say while claiming his vitriol was for the other great players who never won a title but didn’t jump on someone else’s back in order to do so.

Dwight Howard
Photo: NBA/Twitter

“You can only hate if you haven’t achieved,” O’Neal continued. “I’ve been there and done that, I’m still the Lord supreme of all big men. I’m the last big man to get an MVP in this league, so I’m still in charge. When another big man gets an MVP, I will resign gracefully.”

That must have felt like the perfect time to sneak a Donald Trump joke in. “I’m like old boy, I ain’t leaving,” he quipped.