Michael Jordan
Photo: CharityStars.com

Speaking on SiriusXM NBA Radio, Michael Jordan’s agent, David Falk , controversial thoughts talking about the differences between the MJ’s era with the game today.

He also referred to the impact MJ would have in the game with new rules and different way of officiating an NBA game, explaining that the Chicago Bulls’ legend would dominate.

I said this publicly, I think he’d average 60. I think he’d shoot 75% from the floor… I don’t think the talent today is nearly as deep as in Michael’s era. Today, if you ask me how many superstars there are in the NBA today, I’d say four or five. In Michael’s era, there was probably 25.”

The former agent also talked about the player, who was the closest he has seen to MJ and the way he would react to the possibility of playing in the same team with Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.