Tyler Herro
Photo: Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Pat Riley had nothing but good words to say about the rookie guard of the Miami Heat Tyler Herro.

The president of the Heat believes Herro will get even better year after year.

“His improvement, I think, will even go to another level as he gets older. He just turned 20, my gosh. He had a great year.

He got better not just as a shooter, but as a shotmaker. He got better in handling the ball. He’s a very, very efficient offensive player. He got better as a playmaker.

His vision — he started to see other plays because he could take it to the rack. He’s a great kid. He works hard and we have somebody very special in him,” Riley said, via the Miami Herald.

In his first ever playoff stint, Herro averaged 16 points per game and helped Miami reach the 2020 NBA playoffs.