Anthony Davis
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Anthony Davis arrived this year at the Los Angeles Lakers to form an unforgiving duo with the amazing LeBron James.

The result of this partnership has filled the eyes of every fan of this traditional team: Lakers leaders of the Western Conference and NBA champions in an impeccable way. King James’ most efficient partner, the wing-pivot, however, did not arrive to wear the supporting badge.

With a sensational 2020 year, Davis was the main point of the Lakers’ attack at various times of the season, sharing the leading role with LeBron James. In the finals against Miami Heat, he just didn’t take the MVP award because LeBron had some of the most extraordinary performances of his career.

However, every single basketball fan knows these facts about Davis. But what about outside the court? Let’s see some interesting facts you may not know about the Lakers’ star.

He has a twin sister

Apart from having an older sister, Anthony also has a twin sister. Antoinette Davis was the main reason why Anthony was able to focus on studies during high school and not pay attention only to basketball. She would always encourage his brother to do his best in both.

This support was crucial to prepare the player for his arrival at the University of Kentucky, which would later lead him to the NBA.

He is from the same neighborhood as Derrick Rose

Anthony Davis grew up in a neighborhood in the south of Chicago. His house was just a few blocks away from a park where Derrick Rose used to play basketball. And the most interesting fact is, Davis is a big fan of the Detroit Pistons’ point guard.

The encounter of both in said park could have happened. However, Davis’ father chose to build a small court in their backyard so his son wouldn’t need to go out into the street to play his beloved basketball.

This year, Anthony talked about his admiration for his almost neighbor and how he almost went to Simeon just because of Rose.

Next season, maybe Davis will have the chance to play alongside his idol. According to some journalists, the Lakers are thinking about a trade with Detroit Pistons for Derrick Rose.

Fan of the TV show The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is one of the TV shows with a big list of fans around the world and Anthony Davis is definitely among them.

Back in 2015, the player used his social networks to post a promotional poster of the tv show, celebrating the premiere of a new season of The Walking Dead. Apart from writing “Welcome Back”, he also completed the post with the hashtag “please do not disturb”.

How many days do you think it took him to finish the season?

Afraid of the dark

Some think that darkness is something that only kids are afraid of. However, this is not true. The Lakers star has publicly admitted that he is afraid of the dark and that he sleeps with the lights on.

Because of that, the pivot was invited to participate in a Halloween special in 2017, alongside DeMarcus Cousins. On it, both had to take a tour inside a haunted house. You probably can imagine how hilarious the result of that was.

Unibrow is business

Nicknamed “Unibrow” since his time in Kentucky University, back in 2012, Davis decided to make money from it.

The player registered the phrases “Fear the eyebrow” and “Raise the eyebrow”. When asked about it, he said that, alongside his family, he decided to register it because it is a unique physical characteristic.

Well, that is certainly true. If you search on google “unibrow”, one of the options that appear are “unibrow nba” which, obviously, will lead to Anthony Davis contents.

Alien in commercial

Taking a chance as an actor, Anthony Davis appeared in a promotional video for the NBA finals last season.

In the video, which also showed the actor Chris Hemsworth and the actress Tessa Thompson, Davis played the role of an Alien in the MBI universe. If you want to watch it, you can find the commercial on Youtube.


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

With all this, we can conclude that Anthony Davis is a very interesting guy, with some fun facts proving that he is a normal guy with amazing basketball talent.

Apart from these outside court facts, there is also much interesting information about his high school and college years playing basketball. As, for example, when he was the MVP of the NCAA Final Four in his only year playing for Kentucky even after missing 9 of his 10 shots in the match.

Nowadays, however, his statistics after matches are really impressive and his numbers are beyond good. Even though the last season of the NBA has just ended, next season promises to be unpredictable.

LeBron James is on his way to retirement, and Davis might become the Lakers’ main man if he stays in LA for some years more.

That should be a great opportunity to start betting on the NBA and on the Lakers, as it can be more profitable than even football. If you want to get to know more about bookmakers and NBA predictions as well, head over to, as you can find everything you need there.

So, which one of these facts about him did you already know? And which one did you find the most interesting?

Article submitted by Kate Richardson