Zaza Pachulia explains why Steve Kerr is the perfect coach for the Warriors

Steve Kerr Warriors
Photo: Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

Zaza Pachulia believes Steve Kerr is the perfect head coach for the Golden State Warriors.

Kerr coached Pachulia for two seasons in the Warriors and they won two straight titles (2017, 2018).

“Steve called me one day after the practice and he goes, ‘Zaza, is everything OK?’ And I’m like ‘What do you mean, coach? I’m fine. I’m healthy.’ And he was like ‘No, how do you feel on the court?

And that was the game-changer, where I said ‘That’s so true.’ It’s about what your coaches and teammates think about you. And they love seeing you on the team and appreciate what you bring for them and how you help them.

So that was the game-changer. I literally locked everything off and it was a learning experience for me. It was a lesson where, don’t listen to outsiders, and who cares?” Pachulia said during his appearance on the Runnin’ Plays podcast, via NBC Sports’ Ali Thanawalla.