LeBron James on getting 16/101 first place MVP votes: “Ok cool! I got y’all”

LeBron James

Despite initially being pissed off, LeBron James appears to be seeing the lighter side of finishing second in the NBA MVP voting.

“I’m fine…. We’re 1-0 in the WCF… I was pissed off at the reaction earlier… I’m absolutely great now. I’m going back to my room, drink some wine and sleep very well tonight. Let’s not get it twisted. I’m great,” LeBron said after the game per Ben Golliver of Washington Post.

One thing that stuck with the three-time NBA champion, though, is that he received only 16 of 101 first-place MVP votes. “🤣 🤣 16 out of 101 🗳! Ok cool! I got y’all,” James tweeted later.