Motiejunas on relationship with Howard and Harden: hello and goodbye

Donatas Motiejunas visited Zip FM radio to give less than serious interview about his experience in the NBA, where he’d like to play if he leaves Rockets, about his teammates in Houston and even his hairstyle.

– Which player is the most difficult to guard in the NBA?

– Probably it’s Zach Randolph. He is both very strong physically and has a large arsenal of different moves. He’s a bit older.

– Where would you like to play if you were to leave the Rockets?

– Most likely in Los Angeles because there are no serious bigs and I would likely get chances to play. I mean the Lakers, not the Clippers.

– With which player from the Rockets you get on best?

– I get on best with Jeremy Lin. He supported me a lot when I played in the D-League, he would always write me, ask me how I’m doing. Even when he was traded this summer, we would also call and text each other. It is really nice to communicate with him.

– How do you communicate with James Harden and Dwight Howard?

– Hello and goodbye. They even eat at different places. They prefer fast food.

– How much time before the game you spend on your hairstyle?

– I have to spend some time before and after (laughs). But it doesn’t take much time, like three four minutes

I don’t care about my hairstyle during the game. Though once after getting blocked and also being hit by an opponent’s arm I tried to check if everything’s alright (laughs).

– Which NBA game is the most memorable?

– It’s hard to say. The worst ones are those 44 that I spent on the bench. And the best game I honestly can’t remember.

– What do you think about LeBron’s return to Cleveland?

– It’s an interesting move. I was at the Summer League at the time and this move was unexpected to everyone. Maybe some people expected this because there were some clues – his wife mentioned in the social media that he will return home.

– You once promised to tell Dwight Howard “Catch me if you can”. What was his reaction?

– Sometimes we laugh at that during the training sessions. He’s the type of a guy who knows how to make a joke. He’s a true sole of the team, it’s fun being with him in the locker room.

– Would you like at some point to return and play in Lithuania with Zalgiris or Lietuvos Rytas?

– There are other teams as well. I have a friend in Prienai, so maybe I should return to Prienai (laughs). Seriously, I think that maybe I should return for one or two seasons. I’d really want to. I grew up in Kaunas but I wouldn’t want to spit in a well that I might need to drink from later.

– Jonas Kazlauskas said that he spoke with you and explained what he expects from you. So what does he expect?

– Many things. Let’s leave it a secret.

– What do you expect from Lithuania national team?

– We’ll see. The most important is people’s support.

– Who do you live with during the training camp?

– So far alone. During the trip to Helsinki I lived with Jonas Maciulis. He’s a calm man.

If we’re lucky, we get extended beds with cushioning.

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