Quinn Cook LeBron James
Photo: Katharine Lotze/Getty Images

Quinn Cook opened up about why he calls his teammate in the Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James a legend.

Cook pointed to the traits of James’ work ethic on and off the court, which make him a ‘legend’.

“When you spend time around Bron, it’s obvious why he’s a legend. It’s not a coincidence! He and AD are always the first ones in the gym.

Bron shows up 2.5 hours before practice to work on his body and get shots up, and he gets to the arena 3-4 hours before each game. Both guys work so hard and they’ve completely dedicated themselves to the game.

When I was with the Warriors, I played against Bron during the 2018 NBA Finals and he was calling out many of our sets before they even happened. He’s able to do that because he watches a ton of film and his attention to detail is incredible,” Cook wrote as part of a recent essay for basketballnews.com.