James Harden Russell Westbrook Houston Sacramento
Photo: ESPN

James Harden appreciates Russell Westbrook coaching Houston Rockets teammates while he is out with a quad injury. Westbrook gained some attention during the broadcast yesterday by being active on the bench for the Rockets. Energy and a second voice on the sidelines was provided by the star point guard and it led the team to win their second game in the series.

Now up 2-0 in the series, Westbrook’s presence may not be necessary for the rest of this matchup. With the success they’ve had in previous years leading to no rings, this is a big playoff trip for Houston. For the team to make waves, everybody will have to be locked in.

Here’s what Harden said after the game about Westbrook:

“He better be cheering, he got nothing else to do,” Harden said jokingly. “Russ is a leader. His communication and his voice matters to us.”

Next round, all hands will have to be on deck as the Rockets will have to face the Los Angeles Lakers. Westbrook and Harden combine to make the best backcourt probably ever. Former MVP’s in their own right, the two stars will have to lead the team vocally and by example to get the Rockets to where they want to be.