P.J Tucker Houston Rockets
Photo: Bleacher Report

Teams are in the midst of going through practices right now preparing for the Orlando games. The Houston Rockets are a middle of the pack team with a lot of promise.

While Russell Westbrook is out with the coronavirus, the Rockets still have James Harden. Harden has been the centerpiece for this team for a long time. He has won an MVP award and scoring titles. If this team is to go anywhere, it will be on the back of this superstar. P.J. Tucker exemplified this notion.

According to Jonathan Feigan of the Houston Chronicle, Tucker said:

“It changes everything. He’s our captain. He runs the ship and everybody kind of fills space in around him. He’s our guy. He’s the guy. The intensity goes up. The level of play goes up.”

Togetherness is key for a team to reach the title. The team that is able to keep it together for the longest extended period of time will win. The Rockets look like they have each other’s back and in the climate that the teams are, in where any player can go down due to the coronavirus, chemistry is key.