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Andrea Trinchieri Partizan

Andrea Trinchieri after the EuroCup Draw: “We got the toughest group”

The head coach of Partizan NIS Andrea Trinchieri said after the 2019/20 EuroCup season Draw that his team is in the toughest...
Ostoja Mijailovic Partizan Andrea Trinchieri

Ostoja Mijailovic: “We are at the level of the biggest European clubs”

Partizan president Ostoja Mijailovic referred to his team being a frontrunner for the EuroLeague wild card. Here is what...
7DAYSEuroCup (Monaco)

Jock Landale reportedly receives letter of clearance from Partizan; joins Zalgiris Kaunas

Per Donatas Urbonas, Jock Landale has received his letter of clearance from Partizan and will officially join Zalgiris Kaunas.
EuroLeague Basketball

ECA to reportedly announce wild cards for EuroLeague and EuroCup on June 27

Per Emiliano Carchia of Sportando, ECA will announce the wild cards for the EuroLeague and EuroCup on June 27.
Vanja Marinkovic Partizan

Vanja Marinkovic to attend the 2019 NBA Draft

Vanja Marinkovic will travel to the United States on Wednesday (19/6) in order to attend the NBA Draft on Thursday (20/6).
Crvena Zvezda

Crvena Zvezda is the 2019 Serbian League champion

Crvena Zvezda edged Partizan in a late thriller (75-76) on Monday (17/06) and earned the Serbian League title (3-1).
Partizan vs Crvena Zvezda

Serbian League Finals Game 2: Partizan evened the series in late thriller

Partizan saw Rade Zagorac make the three-pointer at the buzzer and stun Crvena Zvezda at home (73-72) to even the Serbian League...
Andrea Trinchieri Partizan

Partizan will consider leaving the Serbian League

The president of Partizan Ostoja Mijailovic took to Twitter and stated that his team will consider leaving the Serbian League.

Serbian League Finals Game 1: Crvena Zvezda victorious over Partizan

Partizan came close to a big road win, yet Crvena Zvezda stood tall and earned the victory (98-94) in Game 1 of...

Partizan to play in Belgrade’s Stark Arena for the next five years

Partizan announced on Friday (07/06) that the "Stark Arena" in Belgrade will be the team's home-court for the next five years.

Ostoja Mijailovic: “Partizan has applied for a EuroLeague wild card”

The president of Partizan, Ostoja Mijailovic, revealed that his team has applied for a EuroLeague wild card next season.

The main candidates for the EuroLeague wild card reportedly revealed

Per Donatas Urbonas, seven teams are considered the main candidates to receive a wild card for the 2019/20 EuroLeague.
7DAYSEuroCup (Monaco)

Zalgiris Kaunas signed Jock Landale

Zalgiris Kaunas took to Twitter and announced the acquisition of Partizan center Jock Landale, who will join the Lithuanians next season.

ALBA Berlin reportedly the favourite to receive a EuroLeague wild card

Per Emiliano Carchia of Sportando, ALBA Berlin is considered the favourite to receive a wild card and compete in the 2019/20 EuroLeague.

Andrea Trinchieri: “We will not stop until Partizan returns where it belongs”

Partizan head coach Andrea Trinchieri referred to his team's elimination from the ABA League Finals as well as his goal with the...

Crvena Zvezda advanced to the ABA League Finals

Crvena Zvezda crushed Partizan in Game 3 of the semi-finals series (84-63) and advanced to the Finals of the ABA League.

Partizan edged Crvena Zvezda, forced Game 3

Partizan defended its home court and beat Crvena Zvezda (70-67) to tie the series and force a Game 3.

Crvena Zvezda survived Partizan in late thriller

Crvena Zvezda stepped up in overtime and defeated Partizan at home (106-101) in Game 1 of the ABA League best-of-three semi-final series.


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