JR HoldenThere were many rumours linking John Robert Holden with various teams such as Real Madrid and Olympiacos but in the end the American guard who plays for the Russian National Team decided to stay at CSKA Moscow for another two years.

Andrey Vatutin, GM of CSKA stated:

“It’s not a secret that signing a new contract with J was one of our midseason priorities. With Holden we have not only the first-class player, two-times Euroleague champion, Eurobasket champion but we guaranteed ourselves intergenerational continuity. I am sure that even with great experience and rich resume J still has a thirst to win, keeps novelty of feelings, highest professionalism and desire to stay in perfect shape. Besides, his desire to stay in CSKA after 7 seasons in red-and-blue makes me feel proud and respectful.”

J R Holden was happy and said:

“First of all, I really just wanted to say thank you to the club’s management. CSKA is doing everything possible to make Moscow my second home. It feels like we go back to day one. I am really happy to be back and excited about the new team. It’s like a fresh start and I think we have the potential to do great things. There is always pressure to win but that is a good thing. We deserve to have a little pressure and I think this will be a fun, exciting new start to a new era at CSKA.”