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LaMelo Ball Hornets Raptors

NBA hopes to get LaMelo Ball in the All-Star Skills Challenge, per report

Despite several players opposing to it, the NBA is pushing ahead the plan for an All-Star Game. At the top of that, the league...

LeBron James rehearses final play of the All-Star game

LeBron James shows his memory by remembering the events of last weekend in great detail. https://twitter.com/BleacherReport/status/1230601857187188736

Stephen A. Smith names his top 5 slam dunk champions of all time

As the 2020 NBA All Star Weekend in Chicago approaches, sport analyst Stephen A. Smith names his top 5 slam dunk champions. https://twitter.com/i/status/1228003217583329280

The TOP 10 PLAYS from last year’s NBA All-Star 2019 Weekend.

As the 2020 NBA All-Star in Chicago is coming soon, we suggest you remember the best episodes of last year's All-Star Game in Charlotte. https://twitter.com/i/status/1226577786908954625
Kobe Bryant Portrait

Kevin Garnett about Kobe Bryant’s dunk: “I always call it ‘The Alley-Oop from God'”

Kevin Garnett talked about the famous Kobe Bryant NBA 1998 All-Star game dunk. https://twitter.com/Timberwolves/status/1222975248364187648

Yaotin’ A Fool tells Shaq to move aside

Since retiring from the NBA, Shaquille O'Neal introduced Shaqtin' A Fool and it has been a TV sensation. The Chinese Basketball Association recently held their...

Nowitzki: I don’t deserve to be an All-Star

Dirk Nowitzki stated that he doesn't believe he deserves to be selected for the All-Star Game for the 11th consecutive year. ...

Ibaka confirms participation in Slam Dunk Contest

Serge Ibaka confirmed that he will participate in the Slam Dunk contest of the NBA All-Star Game. "People are going to...

Lionel Messi… dunks! (vid)

American player Decorey Young took part in the Argentinian All Star Game and the Dunk Contest. So what's so special about that you may...

Watch and learn Blake Griffin

Watch Guy Dupuy's amazing dunk over a car, the way it should be! Dupuy, who made the dunk in Poland some...

Israeli stars win BSL All Star (vid)

The Israeli 2011 LotoLeague All Star, held in Gan Ner arena, was an evening of fun and basketball. The game ended with a surprise...

French All Star game will be held in Paris

One of the best moments in the season comes with the All Star. Since 1999, the French event is scheduled during the Christmas season,...