NBA draft lottery
Photo: Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings and Oklahoma City Thunder each won their respective 2020 NBA Draft lottery tiebreakers.

The Kings won the tiebreaker over the New Orleans Pelicans and the Thunder won the tiebreaker over the Houston Rockets and Utah Jazz.

Tiebreakers are required when multiple teams finish the season with the same record.

The winner receives the higher spot in the draft lottery standings.

The Kings and Pelicans were both 28-36 entering the NBA hiatus on March 11, while the Thunder, Rockets and Jazz were all 44-28.

As a result of the tiebreakers, the Kings would have the No. 12 pick in the draft and the Pelicans would have the No. 13 pick.

The Thunder will have the No. 21 pick, the Rockets will have the No. 22 pick and the Jazz will have the No. 23 pick.

Of those three teams, only the Jazz own their 2020 first round pick, as the Philadelphia 76ers will get the Thunder’s No. 21 pick and the Denver Nuggets will get the Rockets’ No. 22 pick.