Photo: Derick E. Hingle (USA Today)

Zion Williamson wants fans to know there’s no personal rivalry between himself and Ja Morant. The rookie superstars went head-to-head on Monday, with Zion’s New Orleans Pelicans subjecting Morant’s Memphis Grizzlies to a third-straight loss since the restart.

There’s much to play for where the two teams are concerned as they’re both vying for a spot in the playoffs, while the players in question are fighting for the Rookie of the Year award. However, Zion Williamson insists there’s no enmity between them and, following Monday’s win, referred to Motant as his “brother” while asserting the media is attempting to talk up a rivalry that does not exist.

Zion Williamson
Photo: CBS Sports

“That’s my brother,” the Pelicans star was quoted as saying by The Athletic. “I know a lot of people – no disrespect or don’t take it personal – but media people try to make it a battle against us, or try to turn us against each other.”

“Like I say every time, it’s not going to happen,” Morant added. “But being from South Carolina, both me and Zi, we don’t see this often. Go one and two in the draft, both be from South Carolina and be able to play AAU together, and now to be out on an NBA floor together, it’s crazy.”