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Traditionally, sports betting was something that took place before an event started. More than a decade ago, things began to change, offering gamblers the option to bet during play.

This was limited at the start, but is far bigger now with many sports covered, plenty of leagues and games to choose from and a lot of different ways in which you can bet.

The live betting platform has transformed the betting industry for the better, adding a completely new and exciting element that many people love.

One of the sports you can bet in play on is basketball, and this is not limited to just the NBA,, other leagues around the world such as the EuroLeague are also covered by bookmakers in play.

Familiar markets exist, as well as completely new ways to bet, here is a look at how you can bet in play on the next basketball game you watch.

In Play Basketball Betting Markets

There are many ways to bet on basketball in play, some of these are the same as those you see before the game, while others are specific to in play betting. These markets are created when the game begins.

The key to in play betting is the odds on offer, these will change during play. If a team goes ahead in the game, betting doesn’t end on them to win, the odds simply change to reflect their chances of winning.

For this reason, it is important you know how to calculate UK odds when you are looking at the in play markets so you can work out which odds are the best and how they are moving.

With the right knowledge, you can look at the markets, see where the swings are taking place and jump in at the right time to bet and get value together.

Splitting the Game into Sections

If you want to watch an entire NBA basketball game, this often requires a couple of hours of your time, some people don’t have that.

One of the great features of in play betting is that you can split the game into sections. This can be done if you want to bet in a specific way based on stats, or because you can only watch that part of the game.

For example, you will see markets based on who will win each half, each quarter and the same again for the total points and much more.

This will open up new doors for many gamblers, either giving you the chance to bet when you normally wouldn’t have one, or offering you new ways to use stats to your advantage. If you’ve seen an NBA team that starts fast, going up against a team who are known for slow starts, betting on the first quarter can become very useful.

The Feeling of Winning Twice

What in play betting can give you that regular betting can’t is the feeling of winning twice. This is with a winning bet and by landing the best odds before the game changes.

For example, if you back a team to win the game right before they score six points without an answer, you are going to get a much bigger price on them to win than if you backed them after scoring those six.

You can win by getting the price and win by your team coming out on top at the end of the game.

This is what makes the in play platform so popular with fans, there is excitement surrounding the actual bet placement as well as the outcome of the bet itself.