LeBron James Anthony Davis
Photo: Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers have no shootarounds on game day due to LeBron James and Anthony Davis, per Joe Vardon of The Athletic.

As Vardon reports, the Lakers are not in favor of having a shootaround on game day and the reason for this is James and Davis.

“The Lakers, though, are averse to not only practicing, but shooting around on game days. They do have players who go to the gym to get up shots, but it’s voluntary and LeBron often isn’t there.

I’ve gone so far as to say this whole situation, them having players gather in the mornings, but not call it a “shootaround”, is done to skirt rules about media access. The Lakers do not agree.

“LeBron James doesn’t want to do it (shootaround), Anthony Davis doesn’t want to do it. They kick ass when we don’t do it, so that’s it,” said someone who would know,” Vardon reports.