Robert Covington’s clutch tip-in sends game to overtime

Photo: Photo by Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets need to win their games in seeding play. Robert Covington came up with a big play in a game that was crucial for positioning in the standings. Covington was able to find space during a James Harden free throw trip and tip the ball in to tie the game with a couple of seconds left in the fourth.

The Rockets are fifth in the standings and the Mavericks are seventh. With this win, the Rockets moved 2.5 games in front of the Mavericks, which is big for the rest of seeding play. Because of Covington, the Rockets are now in great position to keep their ascension into the Western Conference ranks.

With a game against the Milwaukee Bucks, this game was necessary to win. The Rockets don’t have a tough schedule, but every game will be a fight just like this one. Being able to scratch and claw for this win will go a long way.