Indiana Pacers Myles Turner
Photo: Bleacher Report

The Indiana Pacers official twitter account posted that Myles Turner will be wearing ‘Respect Us’ on the back of his jersey for the Orlando games. Many players have rallied for the support of racial injustice, due to the death of George Floyd, and have tried to bring awareness to this situation any chance they can.

Other players have decided to wear NBA approved racial injustice slogans on the back of their jerseys and Turner is just the next player to decide to do so. Turner talked about how athletes are more than just athletes and they have to use their platform to inspire change.

Turner said:

“We’re not just entertainment pieces, we’re more than athletes. We’re out here, we’re doing what we love, but it’s not who we are as people.”

The Pacers are fifth in the Eastern Conference and will have to work hard to be able to make waves in the playoffs. They have gotten Victor Oladipo back which is a big deal for this team. This team will be an intriguing team to watch during the games.