Klay Thompson Stephen Curry
Photo: Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The legendary Jerry West explained why Klay Thompson is the ‘perfect player’ to pair with Stephen Curry in the Golden State Warriors.

Curry and Thompson have won three titles together on the Warriors. They have also established themselves as the best shooting backcourt duo in NBA history.

“But to me, the perfect player — and he wasn’t as far along in his career when this trade had been talked about — the perfect player for Steph was Klay.

He never seeks the spotlight. He just plays the game. And he has gotten better and better, and frankly, he’s one of the most underrated players in the league who gets not as much love as he should get.

The decision was made not to trade him, and you’ve got the best basketball backcourt in the game today in those two. And also, an incredible complimentary player to Steph in his own right — as good as Steph in another way, the totality of his game. He’s getting better, too,” West said of the Warriors duo on 95.7 The Game, via Brian Witt of NBC Sports Bay Area.