Can Cyber Sports Betting Overcome the Traditional Sports Betting in 10 Years

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Photo: Bloomberg (Manuela Davies/Getty Images)

Ever since the internet has become easily accessible to the masses, cyber sports betting has seemed to outrun the traditional sports betting. Now, no one wants to stand in a long queue, wait for a particular day or season to gamble their money. Cyber-betting or online betting on SBOBET 365 has given them the chance to do the same thing more conveniently while enjoying the comfort of their home. 

With time cyber-betting is becoming a more accessible and preferred form of gambling. Many people are asking the questing if cyber-betting can overcome traditional sports betting in the next ten years. To reach a possible answer to this question, we have to look at some facts that given us an idea about the potential future.

What do stats suggest?

1. Gambling statistics show that between the years 2000 to 205, the online gambling or cyber sports betting industry has grown by 8%. The numbers are even bigger on Asian market. Just take a look at how many casinos listed on region’s most famous casino listing.

2. The market share in traditional sports betting has reduced from 14% to 13.95 between the years 2007-2014. 

3. The market share of cybersports betting or online gambling has increased from 32% to 35.1% between the years 2007-2014.  

4. Even in 2015, that is five years ago from now, cybersports betting or online gambling was found to be responsible for 50% of global gambling and 70% mobile gambling.  

Why People Prefer Cyber Betting?

Expense: Traditional sports bets are not only a lengthy process but also quite expensive compared to cyber-betting. A gambler has to travel to the place of the betting. Not only this, but you also have to visit again to cash your money. Hence you have to visit multiple times if you win a gamble. Also, there are other additional forms of cost added to the travel. All these ultimately cost a substantial amount from the winning amount.   

Waiting: In traditional betting, players have to wait in long lines. And sometimes even after waiting for hours, they may not get a proper chance of gambling. Sometimes after waiting for hours when the time comes, the player might find people with the same interest are moving out of the line and hence he may see no good chance of betting. In online gambling, no such thing happens. If a player finds a suitable bet, he can gamble quickly without having to wait.  

Rewards: Unlike traditional sports betting, online casinos and cyber-betting sites offer players attractive bonuses that no one would want to miss. They offer various types of mouth-watering bonuses such as a welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, referral bonus, VIP bonus, etc. As a result, players find it more attractive and profitable to play online. 

Safe: People find it way safer to gamble online since they do not have to carry deposit money to the betting sides and again do not have to bring home a large sum of winning prizes. Hence there is no chance of robbery and life threat. 


From what we have discussed, it will not be wrong to speculate that cyber sports betting has a chance of overcoming traditional sports betting in the next ten years or so. It today’s world, everything getting online and digitalized, and so will be gambling and betting. However, the discussion is still going on with many experts and many websites talking and writing about this matter. 

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