Analyst on Stephen Jackson following his defense of DeSean’s anti-Semitic Hitler post


Former NBA small forward and co-host of SHOWTIME Sports’ “All The Smoke” podcast Stephen Jackson is receiving quite a lot of criticism after he defended the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson for retweeting an anti-Semitic quote that was attributed to Adolf Hitler. Jackson said DeSean was speaking the truth.

Jackson then doubled down saying quote, “The point is, you did not just say to me that Jews are not trying to divide the black community.”

He finished it up by saying he had not said one untrue thing yet. Last night, in an interview with CNN, Jackson said he could have been more clear about what he was defending DeSean Jackson about.

Hear what a three-time Super Bowl Champion and Pro Football Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe has to say about his phone call with Stephen Jackson following his defense DeSean Jackson.