Jayson Tatum
Photo: Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Jayson Tatum revealed he is not thrilled with the restart of the NBA, amid the current social climate in the United States and the coronavirus pandemic.

The superstar of the Boston Celtics admitted he was not sure about what to do and made his decision just a few days ago.

“I was very unsure. I don’t really think I made a decision until probably a few days ago. I’m still not thrilled about it with what we are fighting for in social justice and equality and the virus… and missing family.

I’m not thrilled or excited about it because I’m going to be away from my son and family for so long. I’m old enough to make my own decisions and live with it. I don’t expect anyone to feel sorry for me.

No. The agreement they came to didn’t really affect in a good or bad way my decision. I saw there were reports out there saying I wasn’t going to play because of my contract. I never talked to anyone about that… that would be insensitive for me to be worrying about that during this time,” Tatum said, via Brian Robb of The Boston Sports Journal.