Pacers’ Myles Turner says he definitely wasn’t up for NBA return after seeing his dad struggle with COVID-19

Can't blame him.


Myles Turner will join his team in Orlando later this month as the NBA looks to resume in a bubble. However, the center has admitted he was not for the league returning having watched his father struggle with the symptoms of the coronavirus.

The Indiana Pacers big man explained his initial stance via the team’s official website last week and claimed most of the questions he had have been answered, although he’s still not fully clear.

“I saw it firsthand and how it affected my family and I couldn’t imagine how it’s affected other families,” he said. “I definitely wasn’t a big proponent of playing at first. I still have questions now, but most of the questions have been answered.”

Twitter/Myles Turner
Photo: Twitter/Myles Turner

Turner had previously spoken about his dad’s ordeal on Portland Trail Blazers star CJ McCollum’s podcast, revealing he spent a week in hospital.

“Seeing my dad get it, he was super weak,” he recalled said. “He could barely talk.”

The 24-year-old’s father recovered yet Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns wasn’t as lucky as he lost his mother to COVID-19 in April.

“That really impacted my family,” Turner explained. “He’s close to his family and I’m close to mine. If I would have lost my father to this virus, I couldn’t guarantee I’d be sitting here talking to you right now.”

The Pacers were 39-26 for fifth place in the Eastern conference and are 100/1 to win the 2019/20 NBA Championship. Bettors are likely looking forward to the league’s resumption, with no action coming their way since March. While the wait persists, online casinos could be found with the help the popular site linked here.