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Five Great Colleges for Basketball Players

If you are a budding basketball player and you want to find a college to successfully continue your career, then this article is for you. We have collected the five best educational institutions for basketball players. Read and choose.

1.     University of Kentucky

Team name: Wildcats.

Summary: The Wildcats are undoubtedly one of the best teams in the NCAA. The team always had good mentors and players who could fight for the championship. Separately, it is worth highlighting the era of the great Adolph Rupp, who for 42 years at the helm of Kentucky brought the university four championship titles. In general, the Kentucky Wildcats have the best scores for players transferred to the NBA over the past several years.

2.     Duke University 

Team name: Blue Devils

Summary: Mike Krzyzewski. This name alone speaks for itself. The US national team coach is undoubtedly the best university-level coach in North America and has given a start to the lives of many future NBA stars. It is important that with all the success, Krzyzewski himself firmly refuses to become a professional coach, rejecting the proposals of the NBA clubs. In fact, why did he need it when Duke should be considered the main supplier of talents to the Association?

By the way, if you are going to study at this college and play basketball, you will not have much time to keep up with your studies. In this case, you can get college homework help from various special services. Thus, you can safely play basketball, knowing that everything is in order with your tasks.

3.     University of Kansas

Team name: Jayhawks

Summary: Wilt Chamberlain and Paul Pierce are great advertisements for the University of Kansas. But besides them, there are several dozen quality performers, and even stars who have adorned the Jayhawks jersey. One of the most successful Kansas players was Mario Chalmers, who brought the NCAA gold to his team in 2008 with his accurate three-point shot. 

4.     University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Team name: Bruins

Summary: If we talk about the dynasties and dominance in college basketball, then first of all it is worth recalling the John Wooden UCLA team. That team in the 60s and 70s really had no equal, having won 10 NCAA titles in 12 years. Among the modern players who played at UCLA, it is worth noting Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook. Therefore, it is not surprising that the University of California has a reputation as a maker of basketball players for the Association. And besides this, the team itself remains very popular, being the student equivalent of the Lakers.

5.     University of Arizona

Team name: Wildcats

Summary: The University of Arizona, or rather its basketball team, is on the right track. The administration has created excellent conditions and huge investments to provide the team with everything necessary, and a good specialist has been brought onboard – Sean Miller. This brings profit, as in recent years, the team has been consistently included in the list of best colleges for basketball players. 

As you can see, there are great options to choose from. With one of these five colleges, you can definitely realize your dream to be a basketball player. So good luck with enrolling and achieving new sporting goals!

John Hobbshttps://www.talkbasket.net
John Hobbs is TalkBasket's Editor and lead Euroleague and international writer and has covered the Euroleague, EuroBasket, FIBA Basketball World Cup and the Olympics for BBC Sports World, Catalunya Radio and SLAM.
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