Photo: E. M. Pio Roda / Turner Sports

We are a couple weeks away from the Orlando restart and the anticipation is mounting. We will not see a lot of familiar faces though, as some players have decided to think about their health first. Also, there is the fact that it may not be worth it.

One familiar face that we will not see is legendary announcer Marv Albert. Albert has been apart of some of the most iconic NBA games and calls in the history of the NBA. Not having his voice broadcast games will be something that will take a lot of getting used to but his age is a factor.

Albert talked about a call he received from the chairman of WarnerMedia News, Jeff Zucker, about him possibly calling games in Orlando:

“He said to me, ‘Maybe this is something you should skip in my age bracket,’ ” Albert said before displaying some of his signature humor. “I’d like to point out to you that 79 is the new 78.”

The games are set to start on July 30th with the Utah Jazz facing the New Orleans Pelicans at 6:30.