Justin Holiday
Photo: AP Photo/Brandon Dill

Justin Holiday will join the Indiana Pacers for the NBA restart committing to make a change via his profession.

Holiday has referred to the social justice movement admitting that he was afraid to speak up on the matter in fear of losing his job.

According to his message, starting from Orlando, this will change by using his influence and the NBA platform in order to help the fight against racial injustice.

(Via SB Nation)

“We deserve to be loved, supported and respected, and I am committed to making a change, and that change will be reflected through doing my job,” Holiday wrote in his article on Players’ Tribune.

“Come July 30, when games resume, you can expect an explosion of athleticism and focus from me, coupled with an unparalleled passion for philanthropy and human rights – rights my people have been striving to achieve for decades.”

“And thus, we’re able to feel frustrated while also showing up for work with a committed attitude and focused mindset,” he continued on his essay.

“We’re able to be thankful for a means of prosperity while also feeling conflicted by expectations. Life is more valuable than status and earning power. Job 42:2 tells us that we were born with worth and with a purpose, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t also acknowledge the power in my position as an NBA athlete.”