Zion Williamson
Photo: ESPN.com

Former NBA champion and current analyst Kendrick Perkins believes the New Orleans Pelicans have the best chance at finishing in 8th place in the Western Conference when the NBA regular season ends. The Pelicans became one of the five teams in the West who are behind the top 8 to have been selected for season resumption in Orlando.

One of the reasons why Perkins favors New Orleans is their schedule. The current 10th seed will face the Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Clippers, Memphis Grizzlies, Sacramento Kings, Washington Wizards, San Antonio Spurs, Sacramento Kings and Orlando Magic.

“The Pelicans got the easiest schedule of all teams in my opinion. They got put in a position to be successful and rightfully so,” Perkins said. “When you look at this yoggn Pelicans team, this talented team, they have one of the most underrated backcourts in the league. Lonzo Ball who’s finally starting live up not only to LaVar Ball hype but to the number two pick hype. Then you have an underrated guy in Jrue Holiday who could get you 20 points on one end and lock you up on the other end.

Then you have a seasoned vet who never missed the playoffs lights-out shooter in JJ Redick who’s on that team. Going down the line you have a first-time All-Star one of the most prolific scorers in the league in Brandon Ingram. who’s become one of the best closers in the NBA. And guess who you got down there in the paint. Box office Zion Williamson. This kid is a stud, he’s 1-of-1, he’s a generational talent. One thing about Zion, yes, he gives us the highlights and he gives us the monster numbers. But he plays winning basketball. He makes winning plays.

I think the New Orleans Pelicans are the team best fit to slide into that eighth seed in the Western Conference and they have the talent and the players to do so,” Perkins concluded.