Avery Bradley
Photo: Zhong Zhi/Getty Images

Avery Bradley made it clear he wants to see ‘real actions’ against social injustice before the restart of the NBA.

Bradley, who represents a cohort of players alongside Brooklyn Nets star point guard Kyrie Irving, is not in favor of resuming the season due to the current social climate.

“Regardless of how much media coverage will be received, talking and raising awareness about social injustice isn’t enough. Are we that self-centered to believe no one in the world is aware of racism right now? That as athletes, we solve the real issues by using our platforms to speak?

We don’t need to say more. We need to find a way to achieve more. Protesting during an anthem, wearing T-shirts is great, but we need to see real actions being put in to the works,” the guard of the Los Angeles Lakers told Malika Andrews and Adrian Wojnarowski in ESPN.