Michael Jordan
Photo: Slam Online

It is a common thing to associate Michael Jordan with his career in Chicago. It is only natural as he spent 13 seasons with the Bulls, winning six championships. But, the second time MJ returned from retirement to join the Washington Wizards was still impressive. Sports analyst Chris Broussard laid it out on FOX Sports.

“In his 2 seasons in Washington, Jordan had 8 games in which he scored 40 or more while shooting 50%. To put that into perspective, Kawhi has 6 and Jimmy Butler has 5 in their careers,” Broussard said. Jordan averaged 22.9 and 20 points per game during his first and second season with the Wizards respectively.

“Think Michael Jordan was no good in Washington? Think again. You kids just don’t know how good MJ was with the Wizards,” Broussard tweeted in response to his own breakdown of MJ’s time in Washington.