Dwight Howard
Photo: Jeff Chiu/Associated Press

Ed Davis of the Utah Jazz had strong words to say when reacting to Kyrie Irving and Dwight Howard advocating for players to sit out the NBA season resumption. The 31-year-old center/forward noted that it is easy for superstars, who made significant amounts of money, to make such calls. But, when it comes to role players, it’s a different story.

According to Davis, players with lesser roles on teams who need to provide to others. Sitting out the season would mean a loss of a part of the salary and would naturally have negative consequences to the players who choose to do that.

Per Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype:

“It’s easy for a guy like Kyrie to say that he’ll give everything back, but would he really give everything back? It’s easy for Dwight Howard to say that we don’t need to play when he’s in Atlanta in his $20 million mansion. But there are other guys on the rosters who need this money to provide for whoever they’re taking care of and things like that. It’s easy for the superstars in the league to say this and how they feel about this and that. But it means a lot more when it comes from the role players and the guys that. There are so many different perspectives because there are so many different levels in the NBA. Like I said, it’s so easy for the superstars to say, “Let’s just not play,” and they’re good. But some guys can’t just do that. There are lives on the line and, like I said, generational wealth on the line. These are the hits that we’re going to take if we don’t play.”