Photo: Steve Jennings

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant has dashed any hopes over the possibility of him returning this season.

The forward hasn’t logged a single minute of basketball this year, following an Achilles injury suffered in the 2019 NBA Finals and had already made it clear that he would forgo the current term to rehabilitate. But, given the season’s unforeseen extension, it was believed that he could make a return, with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver giving him the green light.


Speaking in a very lengthy interview with The Undefeated‘s Marc J. Spears, however, Durant was unequivocal in stating he has no plans to play when the season resumes.

He said:

“My season is over. I don’t plan on playing at all. We decided last summer when it first happened that I was just going to wait until the following season. I had no plans of playing at all this season.”

Kevin Durant Does Not Know How He Feels About The Restart

Durant also admitted he’s not sure how he feels about basketball coming back. The 29-year-old was among NBA players who contracted COVID-19 earlier this year so his outlook is understandably different to that of many other athletes. He’s intrigued over the prospect, though.

“I just don’t know what to feel, how it will look or what it is going to be like,” he remarked as it pertains to the league’s plan to bring basketball back next month. “I’m interested to see what happens going forward because we have months to go. But I’m looking forward to seeing how they finish this thing out. We have such smart leadership with the NBA. They will make sure that everyone is safe in Orlando, and that the basketball played is top of the line.

“The amenities that we have will be top of the line. I got all trust in the NBA that things will be fine. I’m just looking forward to how our league will look in a COVID-19 world.”

Kyrie Irving Doesn’t Plan To Play Either

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski has also reported that Kyrie Irving does not plan on taking to the court either.

“Kyrie Irving suggested on the NBPA conference call today that it’s possible he could join the Nets in Orlando this summer — as an inactive player supporting his teammates, sources said,” Woj tweeted on Friday night. “Irving had season-ending shoulder surgery on March 3.”