Kobe Bryant Jumped Over An Aston Martin!

Photo: Kobe Bryant's Muse

In 2008, Kobe Bryant pulled off a ridiculous stunt. Kobe, confidently, shouts “Don’t worry, I got this” and tells the driver to “Bring it down!” Holding up his new signature shoe, the Nike Hyperdunks, Kobe leaps over the Aston Martin, which was going 50 miles per hour. Kobe then looks at his teammate at the time, Ronny Turiaf, and yells “I told you! That’s how you jump over a Aston Martin boy!” It’s been 12 years since this occurred and to this day, nobody has found evidence that this was fake. The Mamba could do it all.

Kobe even released the Kobe 5 “Aston Martin”

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Kobe V “Aston Martin”

Check out the video of Kobe leaping over an Aston Martin below!