Photo: AP/Gerald Herbert

Carmelo Anthony opened up about why he dislikes the comparison between Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

The multiple time All-Star did not take sides in the GOAT debate, but chose to appreciate both for their own greatness.

“I don’t like it. And I say that because whenever we do that, we fail to appreciate what we have in front of us. Any time these comparisons are made, whether it’s anybody — old school versus new school — it’s like, why can’t we just appreciate everybody for what they bring to the game?

You know, M.J. is the G.O.A.T. He’s the greatest ever. We all know that and we all agree to that. Why can’t we say that, but also give LeBron his flowers while he’s here too?

Why can’t we say, ‘M.J. was very great, LeBron is very great, Kobe is very great.’ We’re not allowed to say those things today, because it’s always this or that, and that’s just our society — you have to choose one,” Anthony told Colin Ward-Henninger of CBS Sports.