Lou Williams Takes Man That Nearly Robbed Him At Gunpoint To McDonalds!

Lou Williams
Photo: Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

The scene takes place in 2011 on Christmas Eve in Philadelphia. Lou Williams just finished getting a haircut and everything seemed normal. He was on his way home when he stopped at a red light. Lou proceeded to check his phone and all of a sudden, he hears three knocks on his window.

Lou looked up and saw a gunman point a gun straight in his face. He then rolled his window down. The gunman then tells Lou Williams to “get out of the car”. This is when the tables turn. The gunman recognized Lou and said he “couldn’t even do it to him” and that he had “too much love for him”.

The gunman proceeded to tell Lou his life story, saying he just got out of jail. He didn’t have much. Lou then tells him to “meet me at McDonald’s, I’ll buy you whatever you want to eat”. This makes you think, what if Lou wasn’t an NBA star?

Lou Williams sits down with Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes on “All The Smoke” and discusses the scene.