Isiah Thomas on his rivalry with Michael Jordan: ‘He wasn’t really my competition’

Michael Jordan Isiah Thomas
Photo: Jon Soohoo/Getty Images

NBA legend Isiah Thomas once again shared his thoughts on his rivalry with fellow icon Michael Jordan.

Thomas said Jordan wasn’t really his competition in the NBA when the former was at his prime.

“When we were all young and healthy – from 84 to 90 – the numbers speak for themselves. He wasn’t really my competition. My competition was Bird and Magic, trying to catch the Celtics, trying to catch the Lakers.

Chicago at that time, and Jordan at that time, from 84 to 90, before my wrist surgery, he just – that wasn’t my competition,” Thomas said during an appearance on Fox Sports’ “Speak For Yourself” show, per Dan Feldman of NBC Sports.

Thomas and the Detroit Pistons faced Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in four consecutive postseasons (1988-1991).