Lakers’ Danny Green on the GOAT discussion: “I think LeBron can only tie Michael Jordan”

John Bazemore/AP; Beth A. Keiser/AP

Los Angeles Lakers’ shooting guard Danny Green recently joined Zach “Chopz” Frydenlund and Adam Caparell on the ‘Load Management’ podcast to talk all the things basketball. Green was also asked to enter into the GOAT discussion and choose between LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

“I think LeBron can only tie him [Michael Jordan]. Nobody can surpass Mike. But I do think if he [LeBron James] will win another one or two it would help him in the conversation for sure. He knows he’s coming towards that age. He’s working like a monster, he knows he doesn’t have many years to win,” the Lakers’ shooting guard said.

“But when comes down breaking on the game, I appreciate both and I think they have a lot of strength. Many people separate MJ because of his mindset, for LeBron doesn’t have a certain mindset, he’s not the killer. He [MJ] is the mean guy and ‘Bron is a killer, but he’s more of a nicer guy – he encourages guys. When it comes to certain aspects of the game Mike was more ahead of his time. Mike was smart. Defensively I think Mike definitely was a better player [than LeBron] and just the mentality Mike had,” Green added.

Here is the full ‘Load Management’ podcast featuring Danny Green: