Vince Carter Atlanta Hawks
Photo: Bleacher Report

Vince Carter joined former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on the All The Smoke podcast to talk various topics. Inevitably, the subject of who the greatest player of all time is. The 43-year-old guard-forward had the opportunity to play against all three of the biggest names of the NBA’s modern era – Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

The oldest player in the NBA said all three are great players and that it is difficult to compare them because the rules have changed over the years. When Jordan was playing, the game was much more physical.

“I got to go with MJ,” Carter said. The first thing he pointed when explaining his choice is that Jordan played in six finals and won all of them. Though he also gave credit to LeBron for going to nine finals, 8 of them straight. Meanwhile, Kobe had 6 Finals appearances, winning 5 of them.

Based on this stat, Carter ranked Jordan first, Kobe second and LeBron third. He also said the Los Angeles Lakers superstar still has the opportunity to pass Bryant during the remainder of his career. Barnes revealed that he and Jackson rank these three superstars in the same order as Carter.