Jared Dudley on LeBron James: “He’s not a guy who’s on you 24/7, demanding”

LeBron James Kyle Kuzma
Photo: Bleacherreport

Jared Dudley of the Los Angeles Lakers talked with Ashley Nevel about what it is like having LeBron James as a teammate. He described the experience as being part of a music band.

“it feels like we are The Beattles. I’m in the background watching the show going on and see all what’s going on,” the 34-year-old veteran said. He then went on to describe how LeBron treats his teammates, calling him a ‘guys’ guy’, who gets everyone involved.

Dudley also revealed that James is quite different from Michael Jordan in terms of how he pushes his teammates to improve. “He’s not a guy who’s on you 24/7, demanding. He’s in between. He’s someone where he’ll say two or three things to you and if you can’t get it done, it’s the next person up.”