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Now, it’s good to know that aesthetics and style are a huge part of sports. That is why a lot of designing is put in when coming up with sporting equipment, apparels, and all that are used in executing sporting events. It’s all about entertainment, and whatever that is pleasing to the eyes in the course of a sporting event is welcomed. We have seen amazing stadiums with masterful architectural designs, we’ve seen basketball courts that are architectural masterpieces, and we’ve seen jerseys that are almost made for the runway, all because basketball and other sports are games of swag and style.

We’ve previously done an exposition of the 10 best basketball jerseys of all time, and there, we considered classic designs from Lakers and Celtics, retro designs from Pacers and 90s pistons, and modern versions from Timberwolves and others. Today, we are giving you the 10 worst NBA jerseys, because the best will not be meaningful if the worst does not exist. 

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1. Hawks from 2015–

Many people have actually confessed that looking at the Hawks jersey for a very long time gets them sick. When we sought to know the reasons why the Jersey seems to disgust them, we understood that they disliked the neon numbers, as it is everything but stylish. They also complained about the triangle pattern. That thing makes no sense at all, and it’s against the concept of elegance and beauty in design.

2. Knicks from 1979–1983

Now, this one has an indisputable reason to make people see it as a very bad jersey. There is an unwritten tradition on how names and numbers are written on jerseys in the NBA. But the Knicks had their numbers on top of the team name. This doesn’t feel right at all.

3. Warriors from 1997–2002

There is a lightning bolt on this jersey, and do you know what it makes the jersey look like? It looks like something that was picked up from a kid’s sports movie. You may even like the jersey that Lil’ Bow Wow wore in the ‘Like Mike’ movie than this, because it looks better.

4. Mavericks from 2004–2009

Now, this is a team that has the tradition of always lining up in bad jerseys. They’ve had a lot of them through different generations, but the mentioned generation proves to be very bad. Some may say it may not be the worst, but I don’t believe that is better than any other.

5. Wizards from 2006–2009

Many teams had uniforms that came in shiny gold colors during the mid-2000-s. But the thing is that those of other teams had some level of aesthetics in them. The shiny gold jersey of the wizards was an absolute no when it comes to beauty and style.

6. Cavaliers from 1994–1997

Style and aesthetics was nearly dead in the NBA in the 1990s. There were a lot of experiments in the looks of jerseys for teams, as many of them tried to move away from the traditional straightforward designs and add something a bit spicy. Do you know what this led them to? While a few found their feet with gorgeous new designs, many of them came up with nearly nauseating styles, including the Cavaliers.

7. Spurs (Military Appreciation Night)

Now, the San Antonio area is full of military men and their families. To honor them, the Spurs have come up with many camouflage designs over the years. They were made for the military night appreciation celebrations. But do you know what the irony is? Almost all of these uniforms looked very bad on the players on the court.

8. Mavericks in 2003

Now, that was 2003, and an NBA team had a jersey that had designs found in clothes that kids playing in local boys and girls clubs at the countrysides wore. It was the one that came with the shiny Nike material, and the truth is that it was way below what an NBA team should come to games with.

9. Kings from 2005–2007

If you are looking for what the problem is, then we have to help you out by letting you know that the lurid gold on gold jersey was everything but ideal for an NBA team. To make it worse, the side has a silver and purple stripe that looks like a sash.

10. Hawks from 1970–1972

Many people consider the away games pistachio ice cream shade jersey worn by Atlanta in the 70’s the worst that the NBA ever witnessed. The combo was very bad because the jersey had an undershirt style, with a bizarre strip coming down from the left shoulder. People even got angry because they dropped a very nice baby blue jersey that announced their first two years in Atlanta to pick up this one.