Shaq to Tim Duncan & all of San Antonio: “You have four rings, yeah it says you have five, but the asterisk doesn’t count”

Shaq isn't counting that first ring...


Shaquille O’Neal is sticking to his guns and is adamant the NBA should cancel the season. The former center was on the end of lots of criticism for saying the 2019/20 championship trophy would mean less if a winner is crowned and those in opposition used Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs as a point of reference as the team won their first ring at the end of a 50-game campaign.

The Diesel fired back on his The Big Podcast with Shaq this week with claims he would tell Duncan and San Antonio they only have four championships and not five.

He said:

“And I would tell Mr. Duncan this to his face. You have four rings, yeah it says you have five, but the asterisks don’t count. Anything I do, I never want an asterisk about it. “I’ll tell him to his face, I’ll tell all of San Antonio to its face, you only got four. It’s an asterisk.”

The Big Fella is well aware he’s ruffled even more feathers now, but he’s happy to.

“You don’t have to agree with me, you don’t have to like me, that’s what I think,” he added. “So all the people that get mad? I’m glad you’re mad.”