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We start today’s gossip column from Turkey as Galatasaray guard Carlos Arroyo ponders on what to do next.

Arroyo to decide on future after TBL season

Galatasaray guard Carlos Arroyo has said on the team’s website that he will discuss his future with the Istanbul club after the TBL season is complete.

“I’m trying to do my best for Galatasaray and our fans,” Arroyo said. “But at the end of the season, I will decide what to do. As my contract states, I will talk to Galatasaray management and we will together decide my future. But I can surely say that I have the best two seasons with Galatasaray and I’m happy now. I want to thank our passionate fans.”

NBA Defensive Teams announced

The NBA today announced their All-Defensive Teams for this season:

NBA All-Defensive first team announced: Joakim Noah, Paul George, Serge Ibaka, Andre Iguodala, Chris Paul.

NBA All-Defensive second team: LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, Patrick Beverley, Roy Hibbert.

Congratulations to France’s Joakim Noah and Spain’s Serge Ibaka for getting into the first team.

Battier’s retirement confirmed; joins ESPN as a College analyst?

Miami Heat’s Shane Battier made his retirement public a few months back, barring an act of God. It seems that 35-year-old Battier has joined the staff at ESPN.

In a move that seems to be the norm for newly-retired NBA stars, Battier looks to be part of ESPN’s NCAA coverage.

Both Battier and ESPN made no further comment, choosing to confirm the news after the NBA Finals.